In our clinic on the Northcote High Street you will have seen people engaged in a range of strange and wonderful exercises on our Pilates equipment. So what is Pilates? Why do we at Bodyfit promote its use in rehabilitation and injury prevention?
The human body is like a tree with a tall, strong trunk to support its branches. Strength and flexibility at its core help control and support movements elsewhere in the body. Pilates follows the principles of:

• Relaxation
• Breathing
• Co-ordination
• Centring
• Control
• Alignment
• Movement integration

Physiotherapists use Pilates to help address specific areas of weakness or tightness.

Traditional Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1880. He was held in an internment camp in Britain during World War I. It was here that he began to teach and develop what he called Contrology. He later moved to New York where he opened a studio predominantly working with dancers. He believed injuries and pain were due to imbalances in the body and poor movement patterns. Addressing these imbalances through exercise would prevent similar injuries from recurring. He had great, long-term success with his dancers using these techniques and his principles form the basis for our modern day approach to Pilates.

Current Pilates techniques have been developed and modified from the original exercises, so that they can be used to benefit almost anyone at any stage. They are useful in helping rehabilitation following an acute injury or surgery; in women’s health; for sports rehab; for individuals with chronic pain; longstanding injuries or postural issues; and also for healthy people who want to help prevent future injury or improve their core strength.

Gym workouts are great for building strength or working on the cardio system, but often fail to address strength with flexibility combined. There is a risk of muscular imbalances and potential subsequent injuries. Contrary to popular belief, good core strength does not mean the ability to do 100 sit-ups or hold a plank until your abs scream.

Pilates works by optimising the way in which we use our bodies every day and improving movement patterns to help us move efficiently. At Bodyfit Physio we use equipment to help our clients optimise their movement. They are then able to increase the difficulty of their exercises, improving their strength and flexibility. Through regular practice and maintenance you can expect to remain relatively pain-free and put an end those annoying aches.

So whether you’re a office worker with sore neck and shoulders, a new mum wanting to strengthen up your tummy or an elite sportsperson, do yourself a favour and come in and see us for an individualised Pilates programme.tree