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Do you have a sporting injury or want to perform better?

Whether you play footy, netball, train in a gym, or follow the black line at your local pool, injuries are commonly experienced by those active in any sport.  Are you struggling with an injury. Are you worried you might be told to stop exercising? We won’t do that. We want to keep you moving and get you back doing what you love.  

At Bodyfit Physio we can assist you in the assessment and management of sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Our physiotherapists are skilled in assessing and treating injuries sustained from sport and work closely with you to get you back to 100% – or even better – while also helping prevent future injury.  

What to expect

Rehabilitation and education are essential to your rapid recovery. Our physiotherapists use an evidenced based approach to rehabilitation. Your physio will provide you with an individualised exercise program, appropriate progressions and a return to sport plan. We work with you to make your personalised plan easy and effective.  

Do you want to improve your performance? Our digital dynamometry enables accurate monitoring of strength. A personalised program can improve your power, speed, endurance or accuracy. Reach the top of your game.  

We love to treat

  • Running Injuries 
  • Osgood Schlatter’s 
  • Severs Disease 
  • Adolescent and children in sport  
  • And more! 

Meet your cycling physio Gemma

With a great passion for cycling, Gemma fits into Bodyfit as a qualified sports physiotherapist, eager to help fellow cyclists. Whether you need support with crafting workout plans, optimising bike fits, or addressing cycling-related injuries – she’s your guide! Find more information about Gemma

Hi, I’m Gemma.  

As both a qualified physiotherapist and competitive cyclist, I’m passionate about the thrill of my rides, and also the science behind performance. When I’m not working as a physio, you’ll catch me out on the road or tearing up gravel on my gravel-bike. I’m passionate about encouraging women to embrace the challenge of racing and push themselves to heights they never thought possible.

Although I only compete locally nowadays, my history of competition at a National-level has allowed me to understand the commitment it takes to reach elite-level competition. My racing experience over the years spans across all disciplines from road, gravel, mountain bike and track. I’ve conquered tracks like Elite Road and Criterium Nationals and UCI qualifiers such as Amy’s Gran Fondo and Gravelista. As a fellow cyclist and someone who’s experienced both the highs and lows of competition, I can now help you conquer your goals. 

More about Gemma

I understand firsthand the importance of staying injury-free while performing at my best. Cycling is incredible, but it can also take a toll on the body if not approached with care. That’s where physiotherapy comes in, serving as a vital tool in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Whether it’s addressing overuse injuries, optimizing bike fit, or enhancing strength and flexibility, I tailor my approach to meet your individual needs. Together, we can unlock your full potential on the bike and keep you riding strong for miles to come. 


Current bike: Specialized Tarmac SL7 Pro 2022, size 49
Ideal bike: Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8, 2024
Favorite place to ride: Bright, Aus
Favorite place to race: Teardrop, Melbourne
Favorite monument: Strade Bianchi or Paris Roubaix
Goal races this year: Anzac Day Classic, Tour of Bright   

Meet your exercise physio Daniel

Daniel is one of our sports physios and with a great passion for strength training, HIIT training and general gym workouts, he is your guide when it comes to crafting a personalised workout plan inclusive of strength and mobility, or eliminating bad habits that could contribute to sports injuries, if they haven’t already done so. Daniel excels and enjoys treating injuries from your workouts, as it’s likely he has experienced something similar personally before! Find more information about Daniel

Hi, I’m Daniel.  

Strength training has always been a passion of mine, always finding its way back into my life. Laugh if you want, I sure do, but I remember watching WWE Raw & Smackdown when I was in primary school wanting to be as big as the wrestlers When I was old enough, my parents got me a gym membership and the rest is history. 

more about daniel

Name a sport, I’ve played it – from basketball, AFL and Ice hockey to running marathons.  Nevertheless, the key concepts of strength and conditioning have always weaved through each of these endeavors. I never quite got as big as the wrestlers I saw when I was younger, but the beauty of strength training is that you can set new goals at all stages of life. The satisfaction you get from reaching something you thought was an impossible accomplishment will always be something I chase as you see me trying to get that extra rep at the end of any workout.  

Over the years I had to manage multiple injuries across my shoulders, my neck, my lower back and my knees and believe me, the last thing we are going to do together is take time away from the gym during those harder times. My goal is to keep you moving and keep (or get) you stronger as we rehab your injury. 

Whether you want to start a journey to look like Thor, or just want to feel stronger in your every day life, I’d love to help you with your progress. 

Meet your running physio Hilary

With a wealth of experience in running, including participation in cross-country and international competitions as a Division 1 College Runner in the USA, Hilary is your go-to for all physiotherapy-related inquiries concerning running injuries and workout plans. Whether you’re a casual jogger or a competitive athlete, Hilary is here to help you achieve your running goals. Find more information about Hilary

Hi, I’m Hilary.  

Since I was a little kid, I’ve been passionate about running. I’ll always remember sitting in the stands of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne as an 8-year-old watching the track, knowing this was the sport I wanted to try. Fast forward 20 years and my love for running is stronger than I could have ever imagined back then.  

more about Hilary

My relationship with running has evolved over time, starting from the fun days of little athletics where I realized my talent, to the more serious phase in secondary school competing nationally and eventually moving to the USA for Division 1 college running at 19.  

My journey in running hasn’t been entirely injury-free, and from those experiences, I gained a tremendous admiration for physiotherapists and the role they could play in someone’s life. Navigating the challenges of not being able to run due to injury brought me to where I am today, establishing myself as a physiotherapist treating all kinds of sports and running-related issues. Over time, I became a big believer in running recovery, as opposed to taking a break from running due to injury. So, whether you are young, old, fit, injured, or an elite athlete I want to help you get back to running – whether that is to achieve personal milestones or to compete at nationals! 

are you ready to improve your health?

Choose your physiotherapist

Hilary McAdam (she/her)

BSc, MPhysioPrac

Paediatrics, Pilates, Running or Sports injuires, General physio.

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Gemma Mollenhauer (she/her)

BPhys (Hons)

Female Athletic Performance & Womens Health, Sports Rehabilitation, Paediatrics and General physio

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Daniel Walker (he/him)


Weight lifting/sports injuries & General physio

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frequently asked questions

do I need a referral for physiotherapy?

No referral is needed for Physiotherapy. GPs frequently recommend physiotherapy, but a referral is not needed unless you are receiving funding under a GP management plan, GPMP (or Team Care Arrangement, previously known as an EPC). See the next answer for more details about the GPMP.  

what should I expect in a physiotherapy assessment?

The first question we ask is “What are your aims for physiotherapy?”

We want to work with you in a way that is most helpful for you. Your physiotherapist will take a detailed history, asking you a number of questions about what has been happening for you. They will conduct a thorough assessment of your joints, posture, strength and any specific activities and movements that are relevant to your issue. 

Common management approaches we use:

  • Problem solving around how to best manage your symptoms / issues
  • Sharing exercises that you can do at home so that you can help yourself
  • Hands on treatment to improve your symptoms and mobility
  • Supervised specially tailored exercise with our Pilates equipment to help you build specific strength in a supported environment if you and your physio think this would be helpful for you.

is physiotherapy covered under medicare?

Physiotherapy is only covered under Medicare under a GP management plan, GPMP (or Team Care Arrangement, previously known as an EPC). This is a specific program for people who have a chronic and complex medical condition. It provides a rebate of $57 for up to 5 sessions total per calendar year for allied health services such as Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Podiatry and more. Your GP can tell you if you are eligible for the plan. We have limited bulk billing appointments available for concession card holders.

      can I use my private health insurance?

      The majority of our clients are privately funded. Many have private health insurance which can be claimed on the spot with our HICAPS terminal.

          can I access physio under NDIS, workcover, TAC, DVA

          Yes we are able to bill directly for NDIS,  Workcover, TAC, DVA.

              what should I bring with me / wear

              It is helpful for you to bring any relevant letters or reports regarding your issue or investigations you have had done.  

              Ideally wear clothes that allow you to move and allow the body part you would like addressed to be seen. We have shorts available in case you forget. Avoid dresses for low back pain, collars for neck pain and jeans for knee pain.  

              If you have a foot or running issue, please bring your usual shoes.