We are loving using Telehealth. We are still able to help our clients at the same time as social distancing. Research strongly supports Telehealth, with outcomes for many issues being as good as in person treatment.  

Telehealth provides the opportunity for clients all over Australia to access Physiotherapy services at Bodyfit Physio. 

  • Screen sharing allows us to show you a high quality video of the exercise being completed  
  • We send your program and you have the videos at home – it’s like taking us with you! 
  • There is a chat function, so that you can ask us questions between consults, or feel free to send us emails about any topic 
  • We can add extra exercises to Physitrack to personalise your program to be just how you need it 
  • Please call us on 9481 2348 to book your telehealth appointment, so we can make sure we have our equipment at the ready 

FAQ’s about Telehealth: 

What is Telehealth?  

Telehealth is an online way to deliver physiotherapy services through using an electronic device with a camera, such as a smartphone or laptop. Telehealth is well supported in the literature, with research showing it is an effective way to get personalised treatment and advice from physiotherapists without having a face-to-face consultation.    

What does Telehealth involve?  

During a Telehealth consult we are able to assess you in the way we usually would. A lot of our assessment information derives from the story that you tell us. We confirm what we hear with our objective assessment. We can still complete most of our objective assessment by observing your joints and posture and getting you to show us what you can do. We are able to give you advice, problem solve around difficulties you might be having, provide you with exercises, providing correction and progression of your program 

Setting up  for a Telehealth Appointment  

When setting up for your telehealth appointment, please consider your environment. It is best to be in a quiet room, in an area that is well lit (with natural lighting if possible) and has enough space for you to do some exercises.  

You may need someone with you to assist with setting up for video.   

To connect to your physiotherapist, you will need to set up the video program called Zoom. Please don’t worry about the technical side of things, we will walk you through it. Zoom is very user friendly and you can use it on a laptop, iPad or smart phone.  

Setting up Zoom  

For full instructions on how to download Zoom, clickhere