Feedback & complaints

NDIS Feedback and Complaints policy

Bodyfit Physio is committed to providing effective complaints management by delivering a transparent, effective and efficient feedback and complaint handling management system. Bodyfit Physio recognises that having an effective feedback and complaint handling management system provides the opportunity to deliver a higher level of service to its participants.

Our complaints management system is based on the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice and complies with the requirements under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018.

These Rules require that Bodyfit Physio implements and maintain a Complaint management and resolution system, which is accessible, fair and responsive.

Complaints (and compliments!) are welcome as we use all feedback as a mechanism to support continuous improvement in our business. We encourage you to offer feedback via any of the following ways:

• Telephone: 03 9481 2348
• Email:
• In person: 436 High St, Northcote
• Letter: Bodyfit Physio, 436 High St, Northcote, 3070
• Website – Feedback link

While we encourage complaints in the first instance to us, individuals wishing to raise a complaint about our service directly with the NDIS Commission may do so if they so wish.

Bodyfit Physio guarantees no adverse consequences to anyone making a complaint or a person with disability affected by an issue raised in a complaint, either directly to us or to the NDIS Commissioner.

Where appropriate, Bodyfit Physio can refer complaints to the NDIS Commissioner or other body and notify other bodies under relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory laws.

Whilst details of complaints, feedback comments and outcomes may be recorded and stored, Bodyfit Physio ensures that all personal information provided by the complainant or their representative shall be deemed strictly confidential and only disclosed if required by law.