Posture Management

Good posture…
  1. Produces better form. You will benefit more from your exercise.
  2. Will make you look better, fitter, slimmer and more confident.
  3. Influences musculoskeletal strain and injury.

Less than perfect posture will usually result in muscular imbalance. This means some muscles will be working harder than they should and may become tight. Other muscles are not doing enough work and may not be providing the protective function they are designed for. This can then result in increased strain on your spine, joints, muscles, tendons and structure. No one is perfect, and perfect posture doesn’t guarantee that you will remain injury free but at Bodyfit Physio we feel that improving your posture reduces your risk of strain and injury.

How can you improve your posture:

If you are really serious about improving your posture, we recommend a couple of sessions with a health professional, such as a physiotherapist. Changing your posture is not a simple task. A physiotherapist can analyse your specific posture. Although most people fit into one or two posture types, everyone is different and you will get a better result if your posture correction is personally tailored to your body. Changing your posture is difficult to do.

ideal posture

If you would like to improve your posture physiotherapy can help. You don’t need a referral, you can book online or call our clinic on 9481 2348 for an appointment.