Orthopaedic Physiotherapy through the NDIS

Our team at Bodyfit Physio is well equipped to manage simple and complex orthopaedic issues.  

Common orthopaedic issues that our Physios see: 

  • Sports injuries 
  • Back pain 
  • Neck pain 
  • Headaches 
  • Ehlers-danlos Syndrome (EDS) / Hypermobility – click here for more information 
  • Post fracture rehabilitation 
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation 
    • ACL repair 
    • Joint replacement  
      • Total or partial knee replacement 
      • Total hip replacement 
    • Rehabilitation post traumatic injury 

Physiotherapy approaches that our clients with Orthopaedic issues find useful: 

  • Hands on treatment 
  • Home exercise 
    • We tailor a program that is perfect for you 
    • Not too much, not too little – everyone is an individual 
    • Our Physitrack App reminds you to do the exercises and has videos that show you how. 
  • Pilates 
    • We love Pilates as a therapeutic medium 
    • We set up an individual program for you 
    • Continue individual sessions or join a group 
    • Assess and improve: 
      • Strength 
      • Posture 
      • Balance 
      • Movement control 
      • Specific skills training / preparation 
  • Community based activity 
    • Gym, pool or other location visits can often be helpful when assisting NDIS participants to work towards achieving their physical goals  
    • Home, work or leisure visits can be very helpful to work towards achieving participant’s goals in an environment which is meaningful to them. It can be very helpful when problem solving towards building capacity, for example with issues around independent mobility and activities of daily living  
  • Equipment provision 
    • Participants with complex orthopaedic issues often require walking aids, other mobility equipment or aids to assist with activities of daily living 
    • We can assist with applications to the NDIS for the provision of equipment 
    • An OT assessment would be required for any installed equipment such as railings  
    • If there is no OT involved, we may be able to assist with applications for off the shelf equipment such as a bath seat or handheld shower attachment 

 The NDIS can fund physiotherapy services for people who have orthopaedic conditions.  Other sources of funding to assist with the provision of physio can include Private Health Insurance or Medicare, under a GP Management Plan (previously known as EPC). 

Telehealth provides the opportunity to access Physiotherapy services funded by the NDIS, Medicare or privately from anywhere in Australia. 

We look forward to helping you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Email: admin@bodyfitphysio.com.au 

Phone: 03 948123498  

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