Neurological Conditions

Juliet  has extensive experience in treating neurological conditions in an acute hospital setting, outpatients rehab setting, in private practice and in the home.

Juliet works with her staff to assist our clients to formulate goals that improve their quality of life. These goals can then be achieved using a combination of: self-management techniques; exercises; equipment and hands on therapy. Decisions about an approach to management will be made according to the needs and desires of the individual.

Even if you have had a lot of physiotherapy treatment in the past, a periodic review from a neurological physiotherapist can still be of assistance to you. Every individual will have different needs so your case will be reviewed with a very personal approach. The aspects of your health that will be assessed include:

  • Any pain or discomfort that you experience
  • Your ability to complete your daily activities in a way that is satisfactory for you
  • Walking technique and/or walking aids.
  • Arm and hand function
  • Muscle tone
  • Aids and appliances
  • Fitness and exercise

Common Conditions treated at Bodyfit Physio

 If you have a neurological injury, physiotherapy can help. You don’t need a referral, you can book online or call our clinic on 9481 2348 for an appointment.

Email Juliet with any queries