Mental Health Conditions

The issues that face people who have mental health issues are many and varied. At Bodyfit Physio we take an individual approach to the care of every client who presents with mental health issues. You know the things that you need help with – We are here to help you.  

Issues that some people with mental health conditions might want to address with physio include: 

  • Pain management 
  • Participation in communitybased activities 
  • Ability to practically look after yourself, your family and your home 
  • Starting, modifying or progressing an exercise program or sporting activity 
  • Building confidence in your body 

Physiotherapy approaches that our clients with mental health conditions find useful: 

  • Pilates can be a fabulous tool for getting you started using your body.  
    • Building core strength and general strength will help you to build confidence in your body to be able to start doing the things that you want to do 
    • Working in our highly supportive environment may allow you to participate in group activities that you did not think were possible 
    • We will develop an individual program with you 
    • You can continue with individual sessions or join a small group (max 4 participants) 
  • Home program 
    • We will work with you to find something you can do by yourself that is manageable 
    • Your program may include 1 or more exercises 
    • Your program may be as simple as walking a short distance 3 times per week 
    • You may not like exercises but love swimming or yoga. We will help you to return to doing what you love 
  • Physio sessions in the community 
    • It is always great to learn skills in the environment where you are going to use them 
    • We love to visit our clients to assist them with gaining new skills, or re-connecting with previous activities like swimming or visiting a local club 
    • Sometimes you will just need our support for a short time 
    • Sometimes many sessions might be needed to work through more complex issues   

We look forward to helping you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


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