Bedwetting Alarm Training

Bodyfit Physio has been able to secure exclusive supply of the fantastic new Oopsie Heroes Plus personal bedwetting alarm for our clients.  

Alarm training takes just 4 to 6 weeks, plus 2 weeks of overlearning for lasting success 

5 Facts about Bedwetting (Enuresis) 

  1. Bedwetting is the final step in toilet training – The age at which a child will be dry at night is dependent of a combination of several factors including genetic, maturation of the brain and urinary system, environment, depth of sleep, and lifestyle factors.  
  2. Some Children don’t grow out of it – Bedwetting is relatively common in children up to the age of 7, and most do grow out of it, but a small percentage will continue to wet after the age of 7 and need treatment to become dry.  
  3. Constipation leads to wet beds – Constipation is the number one preventable cause of bedwetting. Chronic constipation can have serious consequences and should be treated by a knowledgeable continence professional such as a Pelvic health physiotherapist, continence nurse or in some cases by a paediatric gastro-enterologist.  
  4. It’s not their fault – Bedwetting is not the child’s fault and no child should ever be reprimanded or punished as this can make the problem worse.  
  5. Bed-wetting can be cured in a few weeks with the use of a bedwetting alarm used under supervision of a trained continence health professional such as a nurse or physiotherapist. 

Supervision of a health professional boosts the success of Bedwetting alarm training according to research into curing mono-symptomatic enuresis  (Enuresis is the medical term for bedwetting) It is important to ensure that the child does not have any hidden bladder or bowel issues which may be causing the bed-wetting. Failure to address the underlying issues can cause failure to succeed with the alarm.  

At Bodyfit Physio we like children to succeed! 

Our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists are trained to ensure that your child does not have any other bladder or bowel issues so that they can get the most benefit from using the bedwetting alarm system. To find out if your child is ready to be dry at night – book in for a consultation online here or email or call us on 9481 2348. In person and telehealth consultation are available. 


Take our Quiz to see if your child is ready for Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm? 

If the answer to the following questions is yes, then Book Online to get started with your Oopsie Hero. 

  1. (make numbers into check boxes) My/Our child is dry during the day and can use the toilet independently without prompting. 
  2. My/Our child has no faecal incontinence or soiling, this includes no poo marks on their underwear. 
  3. My/Our child does not have any constipation. They never strain on the toilet and have a soft bowel action daily or most days. 
  4. My/Our child is bothered by the bed wetting. 
  5. My/Our child is willing and co-operative with using an alarm. 

If the answer to any of the questions is no, then book a 1 hr initial consult with our pelvic health team to get your child ready. 

Oopsie Heroes is a personal bed wetting alarm that uses no electrical cables, WiFi or Bluetooth signals near your child’s bed. It is completely safe and uses only sound waves to set off an alarm via an App on the parents’ phone. 

Ideally complete an accident/bed wetting diary for 1 week prior to appointment.