Keep moving confidently. Help prevent changes in balance and strength.

If you are concerned about losing strength and balance, book in to see one of our physiotherapists for a consultation. At this assessment, measurements will be taken using simple functional tests. These measurements and results are used to create your individualised exercise programme, and will also be used to re-test your balance and demonstrate the improvements you have made at a later date.

Individual sessions will provide you with a chance to learn about your balance, an understanding of the areas that need improvement, and familiarisation with the strength and balance exercises and specialised equipment.

Our small group classes are made up of people doing their own individualised exercise programs. You can ask your physio to develop a program for you that you can use during group classes. The classes will also include balance-challenging and strengthening exercises that you can use as part of a home exercise programme. Strength and balance programs use the Pilates equipment as well as mats, wobble boards, balance disks, pads, and beams.

What is balance?

A person’s sense of balance relies on the interplay of three body regions.

The three body regions are: our vision, the inner ear, and the nerves in the muscles and joints of the spine, legs and feet. These three regions send signals to the brain where they are processed and give us our balance. As we age, changes in these three regions alter the signals to your brain and as a result, our balance is affected.

Why is our balance compromised?

Our balance is compromised as we get older, due to changes in our bodies. These changes, however, can be reduced by specific exercise, therefore improving balance.

A loss of strength in the lower legs and core is also correlated with reduced balance. This reduction in strength occurs as a result of a loss of muscle size and strength as we age. A loss of strength may also occur with a reduction in activity, in the presence of arthritis, and/or pain.

It has been demonstrated that specialised exercises improve and help limit the loss of balance. These exercises focus on:

  • Challenging and training the three regions: vision, inner ear, and the musculoskeletal system.
  • Increasing strength and mobility of the feet, legs, hips and back.