Physiotherapy assessment and treatment has a strong scientific basis. Physiotherapists specialise in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries. Bodyfit physiotherapists offer a friendly and hands-on approach.

Following a thorough assessment, a physiotherapist will determine the cause of your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it. Physiotherapists will then treat your injury using a variety of techniques including manual and exercise therapy. Manual therapy techniques include mobilisations, manipulation, massage and stretching.

Our physiotherapists improve function and reduce pain for their clients, thereby assisting them to achieve their goals at work, sport and in everyday life.

Bodyfit Physiotherapists (link to Our Team and Clinic page) are equipped with substantial knowledge of the human body and specific skills. They undergo continuing education in order to stay in touch with the most recent developments in physiotherapy and provide the highest level of care.

We pride ourselves on providing individualised care and getting results.

Hands-on treatment
  1. Manual therapy, including mobilisation and manipulation
  2. Specific soft tissue massage
  3. Dry Needling
  4. Ultrasound therapy
Exercise Therapy

Much of the latest research indicates that exercise therapy can be very important in recovery from pain or injury. There are many different forms of exercise and the most important part of an exercise program is your enthusiasm. Please remember to give us lots of feedback so that we can work together to help you. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a program that you can manage, that will be of assistance to you, and hopefully one that you will enjoy.

The types of exercise you may discuss with your physiotherapist include:

  1. A home exercise program
  2. Exercises you can do ‘on the go’
  3. Pilates – Read more (link to Pilates page)
  4. A walking program
  5. Hydrotherapy
  6. Your gym or fitness program
  7. Sport
  8. Posture management – Read more
Dry needling

Dry needling is the insertion of extremely thin needles through the skin and into the muscle to treat muscle pain. It works by stimulating a myofascial trigger point, a very sensitive point on your muscle, causing localised inflammation which releases tension by lowering overactivity of the nervous system, and encourages healing.


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