Children should not suffer recurrent musculoskeletal pain. If they do, it is important to have them checked by a health practitioner who has a special interest in treating children. Many osteopaths and some physiotherapists are qualified to assess your child and provide treatment and advice.

There is an old proverb which says “As the twig is bent so grows the tree”. Children do “grow out of” many habits, but we would like to help to optimise your child’s development by catching potentially harmful patterns early.

Physiotherapy aims include:

  1. Posture management
  2. Prevention of musculoskeletal problems
  3. Hands-on treatment can be used where appropriate.

A detailed assessment will be completed. Children often don’t sit still for very long, but we are able to gain a great deal of information from watching how they move. Parents often think children will not complete exercise programs. Your children spend a lot of time learning new things; they are pretty good at it. They need a bit of reminding and a routine helps, but often kids can quite enjoy having exercises to do.