We have more new class times soon to come. Let us know if you have a favourite time!

We offer multiple Pilates group sessions during the week, both in the morning and in the evening so you can find class times that fit your schedule. If you have 2-3 friends who are interested and would like to come as a group outside our class times we may be able to create a regular class for you.

Log in to the Online Booking (link to online booking) portal to see which classes currently have vacancies.

*You do need to have completed some private Pilates sessions with one of our physios in order to book into a group class.

Class times updated  02/11/2017.

Adrian (babies welcome)     Juliet (babies welcome)      Kat (babies welcome)  HS = High School  

Saturdays: Denesh/Adrian

Monday  8:00am  9:15am       5:30pm  6:15pm  
Tuesday 9:45am  12:45pm        
Wednesday    9:15am 2:30pm  4:00pm   5:30pm  6:15pm  
Thursday  8:00am  9:15am    3:45pm (HS)  5:30pm  6:15pm  
Friday  9:30am  10:15am  2:00pm       
Saturday  9:30am 10:15am